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Hello everyone!

👋 Hello, Everyone!

Wicked is back, and more wicked than ever before, with new features and HUGE DISCOUNTS for today's launch.

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What are the new features you may wonder?

First of all our scaffolding uses gulp to create workflows that make it easier for developers.

The templates are built with

🥳 Tailwind.

🥳 Template engine, Handlebars.

🥳 Next.js

🥳 Alpine.js

🥳 The Figma files are also available.

🥳 Dark mode.

🥳 Imagemin to put your images on a diet.

🥳 Clean and tidy code.

🥳 Headwind using the standard settings for consistency

🥳 Twinmacro, CSS-in-js, available on our Next.js templates

🥳 Figma, now all templates include the figma files

🥳 All our landing pages include the APP & SAAS version of them.


There is no need for framework integration. 🎉🎉

  1. Download

  2. Fill up with your content.

  3. Deploy.

Oh boy,...What a time to be alive !!

🧁 We want to celebrate this growth and give you some stunning discounts.

  1. The first 10 customers, get the Bundle for $29

  2. The 20 next, get it for $39

  3. The rest of the day it will have a huge discount too! $49 when the original price is $149

Get the Bundle here:

📦 https://www.wickedtemplates.com/...

See all templates here:

🗃️ https://www.wickedtemplates.com/...

Thank you so much, everybody, we wish you a great day.