An affiliate program is up!

For the interested.

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing? Hope well.

Well in this third email I would like to let you know that Wicked Templates has an affiliate program where you can get the 30% off of any purchase. So no matter what the customer you brought in, you will get 30%.

For this I am using Gumroad, to make sure the affiliate gets paid on time.

You can read more and apply at Wicked Templates.

Btw, I am launching a fun project on Product Hunt.

Tomorrow, Monday I am going to launch, the challenge where you build stuff with Tailwind to get comfortable with and share on twitter or anywhere else with the hashtag #30daysoftailwindcss.

Wicked Labs….

So I am working on something and this time I paired up with Gabriel Perales to build something together.

Remember this link:

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!