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Hello everyone, how is everyone doing?

I am turning wickedtemplates around and I decided to upgrade the templates.
Yes, I said we. I brought in a co-funder to take care of the technical part. We are passing all the templates to Next.js to remove work from the developer and deploy as quickly as possible instead of integrating them.

Also, the premium templates will include the Figma file.

50% discount on all products.

The Bundle
Now $29.50 Before $59.99

In this Bundle, you get all the templates that you see on the website.

  • WT001: A BetaMax inspired template.

  • WT002: A SAAS landing page.

  • WT004: A modern portfolio layout.

  • WT005: A documentation website.

  • WT006: An unforgettable brutalist website.

  • WT007: A contact card website.

  • NS001: A Newsletter landing page.

  • APP001: A monochrome landing page for your app.

  • APP002: An elegant landing page.

  • APP003: A monochrome landing page for your app.

Buy All for $29.50

The Template
Now $14.50 Before $29.99

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Thank you, everyone, I will keep you posted when the new templates are up and running.

*BTW, if you use VSCode I have been making some themes this weekend.

Have a great day and see you soon.